I saw time passing by in front of me as an immense panorama evolving Through this window.

I look closer, Through the window frame offered by the train like a great museum exhibiting paintings for the most romantic travellers.

I visit these museums often, often I get lost, and forget its purpose, but found mine.

Looking at life from behind this glass.

My child like eyes look on in amazement, then turns to melancholy with time, because that barrier reminds me of everything I can’t have. Not yet.

So, I decided to take up a path, my way to be able to break Through this glass which separates me from my dreams.

Through this photographic project I tried to tell the story of all those eyes that look at life from behind a glass. Glass as a surface that reflects a state of mind. And at the end of this story there is me, the one that can break that glass, maybe even in reality. I break the bubble of certainties to open myself to the life I have always observed without ever taking it.



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